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The Fools That Run This Earth

Nuclear destruction looms over the planet. Can the leaders of the world (and Marilyn Monroe) come together to stop it, or are there higher powers at play?

2021. Prod Oct 2021. 

Pecan Pie

A new family's world is shaken when the mother suffers a stroke. Tensions rise as she re-learns to speak, and her son and husband learn to cope.


[Thanks for flying, and welcome home]

A team of astronauts live a life of antics on the ISS. When catastrophe strikes at home, where do their duties lie?


Blood on the Carpet

After years of reclusion, germaphobic vampire Judah has brought home twenty-something psychology student Dirk. Will anyone survive?

10-minute play. 2022.


The Fools That Run This Earth 

Workshop Production, 2021

The New School

The Fools That Run This Earth, 2021, School of Drama, The New School, Francis MacCall (Playwright), Cándido Tirado (Director), Maiko Chii (Scenic Designer), Nicole Slaven (Costume Designer), Jose Santiago (Lighting Designer), Sean Hagerty (Co-Sound Designer), David Margolin Lawson (Co-Sound Designer), Thomas Schall (Fight Choreography), Judi Ockler (Intimacy Coordinator), Alejandra Godoy (Student Assistant Director), Jenn Gallo (Production Stage Manager), Kyra Bowie (Assistant Stage Manager)


Photography by Nathaniel Johnston Photography

In development

When a group of workers at a local fro-yo shop try to assert control over their compensation, their plan begins to melt, leaving them in a sticky mess. 

An exploration of class, love, and loyalty, this upcoming play will leave you confusing right from wrong.

The Fools That Run This Earth  (1).png

Thank you!!

Thank you so much to everyone who made the first production of Fools happen! My eternal gratitude to you :) 

Check back for updates on where the show will be produced next!

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