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About Me

-Francis' friend

"You're so stupid"

"You're so handsome!"

-Francis' mom

"I'm proud of you"

-Francis' father (hopefully)

Feigned Courtesans

2019 Dir. Katherine M. Carter


Fuente Ovejuna

2019 Dir. Christina Roussos


Rough Magic

2020 Dir. Mo Zhou

Hi! I'm Francis, your local pedestrian. You can find me around New York, walking, with a book in hand or laughing at a podcast. I'm here to have a lot of fun and make things that force us all to confront ourselves. I love absurdist and comedic work-- anything that subverts your expectations.  I really enjoy creating art that pushes us to rethink the way we interact with others, whether it be in writing or performance.

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, I have a long legacy in the ice cream business, and am always ready for a good cookout. I really like building things- specifically collages and LEGOs (truly the way to my heart is through a good LEGO set). I can't draw, but I can build. 


Come laugh with me!


Also I promise the cactus thing isn't an obsession, I just like the way they look. 

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