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About Me

-Francis' friend

"You're so stupid"

"You're so handsome!"

-Francis' mom

"I'm proud of you"

-Francis' father (hopefully)
Tree of Life (2023) dir. Tony Humrichouser

Tree of Life

2023 Dir. Tony Humrichouser


The Nance

2023 Dir. Melissa Myers & David Drew Herndon


Rough Magic

2020 Dir. Mo Zhou

Hi! I'm Francis, your local pedestrian. You can find me around New York, walking, with a book in hand or laughing at a podcast. I'm here to have a lot of fun and make things that force us all to confront ourselves. I love absurdist and comedic work-- anything that subverts your expectations.  I really enjoy creating art that pushes us to rethink the way we interact with others, whether it be in writing or performance.

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, I have a long legacy in the ice cream business, and am always ready for a good cookout. I really like building things- specifically collages and LEGOs (truly the way to my heart is through a good LEGO set). I can't draw, but I can build. 


Come laugh with me!


Also I promise the cactus thing isn't an obsession, I just like the way they look. 

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